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At Fuller & Sons Construction, our focus is to improve the community by building new roads, laying foundation for new businesses, and creating solutions for issues below the local surface. For over 75 years, we have been trusted in the area to deliver excellence with quality workmanship and honesty. As a locally owned and operated community partner to Amarillo, TX, we have the dedication and commitment to serving our clients and getting the job done honestly and efficiently.


From site demolition and sewer work to asphalt patching and striping, we can handle it all. Through automatic grade control equipment, 3D GPS and drone technology, we can thoroughly and accurately measure stockpiles and quantities, and more.


We are courteous workers who never leave a job unfinished. Many turn to us because they know we deliver excellence with honesty, integrity, and respect. Local municipalities, organizations and businesses trust us to make our community better through hard work.


There’s a reason our business is in it’s third generation of ownership. We take both the time and effort to understand what their clients are looking for.It is our responsibility to treat our clients as if they were family with honesty, integrity and respect.
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